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Welcome to Consecration's Website! 

Sense we are now a all 70 Raiding Guild their will be many changes in guild Rules like...

1. no one under level 50 allowed and no one above 70 allowed Even if a Member!
2. GS matters b4 80!!
3. Less ranks for leveling.
4. Once you reach 70 u have the choice too Raid or get out.

After we get 70 Raids going we may end up getting 60 Raids and maybe even 80 Raids but that will be a while.

It would be alot easier if u sign up online alot more raiding information will be posted on here then in Guild note/Guild info tab.

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RetributionTh, Jun 14, 10 10:02 PM.

We have Just became a ALL 70 Raiding Guild invite all who wish too come must be level 50-70 or they are not allowed. If you join too raid and you are under geared too raid we will be more than happy to help u get a little bit better gear to be in our standard GS (Gear Score) Range which is.

Tank. 1.5k minimum
Dps. 1.4k minimum
Healer. 1.6k minimum

If when u join you have a high enough GS too be in raids u will be classified in 2 ranks wich are.

Crusader. For people with a GS In the range of 1.5k min tank 1.4k min dps 1.6k min healer through 1.9k high tank 1.9k high dps 1.9k high healer.
Vanquisher. For raiders with 2k gearscore Higher.

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